UPRE provided strategic real estate consulting services to help the owners of the Boiling Springs Wilderness (BSW) conserve and donate to our strategic non-profit partner, Unique Places to Save, over 400-acres of globally-ranked natural heritage and wildlife habitat areas. 

BSW at 2,747 acres (4.29 square miles), is a massive conservation area.  It directly abuts the ~7,926-acre Boiling Spring Lakes Plant Conservation Preserve, protected by the North Carolina Plant Conservation Program and the ~973-acre Orton Plantation conservation tract owned by The Nature Conservancy and held under conservation easement with the NC Coastal Land Trust. BSW comprises approximately 10% of the 28,108-acre (43.9 square mile) Boiling Springs Lakes Wetland Complex Natural Heritage Area, as designated by North Carolina Natural Heritage Program. This Natural Heritage Area (NHA) is ranked “R1/C1 - Exceptional” - the highest possible ranking for an NHA in the state.      

The next strategy for the property is to create a wetland mitigation bank over a majority of BSW. The mitigation bank will conserve and restore thousands of acres of wetlands and Carolina Bays.  Approximately 98% of BSW (2,679 acres) consists of wetlands and perennial streams of excellent quality. Headwaters of four primary regional streams originate within the BSW, which are ranked as High Quality Waters (HQW), Swamp Waters (Sw), and Class C waters of the State of North Carollina.  UPRE looks forward to continued partnership with the owners of BSW to conserve and monetize this globally important natural heritage area.