UPRE created the largest preservation mitigation bank in North Carolina called the Box Creek Wilderness Area (BCWA) Mitigation Bank. UPRE also worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to place a conservation easement over the remainder of the property, totaling approximately 6,800 acres of mature/old growth forest.

The Mitigation Bank Site includes 5,040 acres of the total conservation area as well as approximately 45 miles of pristine cool water streams.  Buffer widths on the streams range from 200 feet to 500 feet, at least six times the minimum mandatory buffer width for mitigation.

The diversity and rarity of species and natural communities make the BCWA one of the most ecologically significant and unique natural areas in North Carolina. BCWA ranks in the top 1% (13th among nearly 2,500) of Natural Areas in the state. It holds the highest possible quality rating (“Exceptional”) and contains more than 22 rare natural communities and 66 rare and at-risk species. Three of these natural communities represent previously unknown communities that have never before been documented or described and are endemic to BCWA.

UPRE currently manages the marketing and sale of mitigation credits from the BCWA mitigation bank.  Mitigation credit brokers and buyers should visit our ecosystem asset credit sales page HERE.