At UPRE, we understand the importance and value of place. We specialize in brokering the purchase and sale of conservation properties and the sale of eco-asset credits. Our goal is to enact conservation, mitigation and ecosystem asset strategies into an increasing number of real estate transactions and to make these processes more common and well-known to the larger real estate industry.

We are not just brokers, we are Advisors and advocates that have a responsibility to our clients and to the land. Our business model values quality services and successful outcomes over “maximizing” our volume of listings and number of clients.

Along with our focus on quality Advisory services and successful outcomes, we offer unmatched marketing services that illustrate the story of the land. Through curated narrative, professional photography, drone videos, and informative maps, we push our stories into the marketplace where they stand out above the rest. Our marketing gives your land a voice, a voice that speaks to people who cherish the land and the many lifestyles it provides.