Beyond Brokerage!

Unique Places Real Estate (UPRE) is excited to announce that in addition to our land, farm and ranch real estate brokerage services, we now offer conservation and mitigation advisory services to our clients.

UPRE creates investment and income strategies generated from the conservation and stewardship of natural resources. We believe ecology and economy can work together to generate value and maintain a healthy and productive landscape.

We believe that complexity breeds opportunity and discovering opportunities is what we do best. We employ the strategy of “layering” revenue streams from traditional real estate resources and alternative markets including ecosystem assets, green energy, and conservation. By exploring and layering a combination of traditional and alternative revenue streams, we create the most comprehensive strategies for diversifying and maximizing the value of real estate and return on investment.

UPRE is a holistic real estate company that focuses on the conservation and stewardship of our lands and natural resources all while providing a healthy return on investment.

Contact Michael Scisco at 505-603-3636 or to learn more.